Tuesday, October 28, 2008

angeldediary part 2!

im goin to kick start dis new diary with PHOTOSSSSSSS=D

my parents are happily spending their holidays in turkey now and their daughter is happily making full use of her times with her favourit-est and bestest and coolest fjjlb~=D

heres a few camwhoring pics of myself first~! HAAH a beautiful top i got in korea. it was for my mum but!! she claim tt dis is too young for her so its sitting in my closet now n shouting--WEAR ME~ haha=)

pretty isnt it?? perfect top for clubbing.. selling it off at 40 bucks now.. any taker? nahh IM JUS KIDDING.. its too lovely to sell it off.. HAHAHHA=X

a kiss a day keep the emo bugs away~!=D

later u wil noe why he choose to let me tk dis side of his face ONLY

watelse but pizza hut to curb our craving for pizzaaaaa

sending off my parents at the airport~!

and off to meet my bff~!=D

i love dis pic=) its been alongggggg time since we meet up.. more of dis sessions!!!!!=D

our fav milk tea from M O S.. hahahaha

MY DARLING XY!! is happily in love withhh our FLLJB VICE PRESIDENT LIM WEI LI!

our lovely fjjlb chilling out at caesar pubby~

the love birds=) im happy to see them together~! and im happy to have xy as my sao zi~! HAHA bring back those good old prss 3e2 days...

now u noe why? cos bf got a 10 cent coin size pimple of his face LOL

my pretty girl~!

i look very happy in the pic right.. mouth open so big somemore but the truth is.. bff step on my toes with her heels n im screamin out while takin dis pic.. LOL...

too much beer?

ya i think too much beer for him..

ah lian diao simi diao! HAHHAHAa and off we go to golden mile n tk a look at the thai disco n pub.. haf a great time imitating and 'blend-in' in the crowd with our spastic dance move...hands in the air and shaking like spasm.. HAHAHAH too bad no pics for that!
i touched down at 6am in the morning went home change and head off to bf place. Ai xin BK breakfast and slept all the way to noon b4 meeting up with FJJLB for prawning at bishan~!

happy prawning!


heavy rain hlaf way~! wth.. but i guess its a blessing in disguise.. we pause our prawning n head to a fish spa first! HAHAa

change into their slippers.. i guess its easy to guess which is my feet. HAAH the red nails one la~! red pants and red slippers somemore.. HAHAa... orange is ali green is xy!

its damn itchy~! 13 bucks for half an hr!


happy ali

happy xy

funny bf



25 min for me and ali. the other 5 min is spent screamin.. NB!!! VERY ITCHY~! WAH CB THE FISH VERY BIG.. and FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK THEY EATING MY FEET~!!! * kICk WATer FUriousLY*

done already~! pretty feet! haha HUA DAO~~~~~

ANd we r back to LUO HEI LO~


and off we go for steamboat~!
we finish up the prawns~! and.. now.. we WANNA RUN WHEN WE SEE PRAWN!!! NO PRAWN FOR FJJLB FOR 2 WEEKS~!!
i love them so much~! and i really enjoy myself=)
amsterdam fotos another day~! i had upload it all in Facebk and friendster~!=D
as for today its a productive day for me... i collected the laundry... iron my uniform.. do a lil hse work and blog out dis entry~! HAHA=)


Vanessa said...

angel, why not use photobucket?

angel happy diary said...

eh.. i duno how to use=( LOl

Vanessa said...

haiyo..eh go www.photobucket.com register, then upload ur pics, u will see 4 rows of weird encodings below right? u juz copy and paste the one that says html code into ur blog entry, u can type in rich text area too.. blogger quite user friendly.. in rich text area u paste the html codes alr, u click html then click back rich text, the photos will show up instead of the encodings.. =)) u can go try haha

angel happy diary said...

wahah thanks man.. but its ok la~ i will start off with this new blog~!=D thanks=)

Vanessa said...

haha ok no probiex.=)))