Saturday, February 27, 2010

missing yyou from amsterdam

i teared a lil when we hung up on the fone. even thou its less than a minute talk but i still feel happy tt you called.

thanks baby.

i miss you.have a sweet dream=)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

off to amsterdam!

im off to amsterdam tonight. its been more than a yr since i last visited the place. i love it to the max~ im so gonna sightsee again!!!=) and do some studyin too! exam on the 4th n i haven even start my revision.. hur hur..

baby wait for me to be back!! our jb trip again! woo~!


my loveeee~~

few days back~ =)

and today!!!!

we he cycled all the way to ponggol plaza for dinner! haha its like those days where ah beng will ''long-pang'' ah lian on bicycle. den the ah lian will stand behind then mus hold one cup of bubble tea. LOl. on our way back we really bought bubble tea somemore lor! hahahaha! im like enjoying the cold breeze n drinking bubble tea while my bf sweat like hell going up the slope..HAHAHAH... opps=D
i love my bf!!! because...
he likes to anyhow park his car
he likes to drive anywhere everywhere like machiam he own the road!
he likes to anyhow throw rubbish * and so do i~*
he likes to yawn and talk at the same time and end up duno talk wat rubbish
he dun like to admit that he snore super loud!
he ''parrot'' when he wakes up
he eats chilli like nobody business=D
he loves chicken feet!
he loves to talk nonsense..
he plays with his zip when we talk on the phone *i mean his bag's zip hahaha*
he eats alot of junk food! choc gummies chips sweets and lots of soft drinks
his a potato but recently he end up like an ah tiong all because of me!=xxx
he starts to tidy his hair..touch his face when i tk out my camera..
his a super vain pot and a jealous pot too. HHAHA opps
he loves to give me small surprises and bring me to nice places..
we always end up saying same thing same word same sentence. today we end up singing same thing and same action. hur? lol
we always noe wats the next action we gona do...
we like to on n off the phone to check for sms..
we wake up half way to check our hp for each others sms.. theres once he called me n started to parrot and next day when i asked him, he cant rmb much. its seems that he called me when his slping LOL. hur?
we live in our own world and dun care about what other think..=)
we can stay home the whole day and still feel happy ~
i love the way he looks into my eyes, it makes me feel that im the only one and a special one =)
i love the way he hugs me, it gives me the assurance that he will always be there when i need him=)
i love the way he uses his fingers to comb thru my hair, it makes me feel like a little girl, his little girl=)
i love the way he smiles at me, it melts my heart and warm up my soul=)
i love i love i love everything about him ...
thank you for making me smile...=)
JASPER SEET! STOP SMILING AT YOURSELF NOW WHEN U R READING THIS! hahaha.. =) i noe you stalk my blog everyday and this is specially for you sweety~! 3 yrs baby..we will go thru everything tgt i love youuuuuuuu...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

with you=)

its my 1st solo for 380 tonight. but i noe i will do well because you are there for me=) im glad u r the one doin my flight! haha.. even thou u cant fly there with me, at least i can see u b4 my aircraft door close! yeahhh! love you baby~

i will be back on tues night!! and i will be looking forward to wed!=D

miss you baby~

Saturday, February 20, 2010

St James ytd night was awesome with the great company!!

And guess where am I now?? Waking up early with a heavy head lol-.- Manuka honey really do help in " detoxing" the alcohol after a night of clubbing!:) I'm at the stadium watching momo playing!!! Love love... I miss him so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Baby jia you!!!!=D.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

1 day away from home

this perth flight was my best flight ever for this yr. everyone was so nice so fun and so entertaining lol. capt and chief gave everyone ang bao! and we even lau yu sheng onboard! so homely feel laaaa~~~=D everyone laughed and smiled from preflight session all the way till back singapore. isnt it great? =)

but jus 1 day away from singapore, so many things happened at home. well, its not tt i dun care . i jus dont want to get involved ,i really hate to quarrel and get in heated arguments. like what i always say, when 2 ppl are hot tempered and in foul mood, arguments will arise. and arguments often arise when theres miscommunication. all you need to do is to keep your cool, stay away and reflect. dun talk when ur angry because nothing good will come out from your mouth and your brain dont work. talk and resolve the matter later when you feel better. instead of solving the matter, you lose ur cool, hit ur head against the wall, scream your lungs out, in the end the problem not solved and both ppl end up feeling even shittier and upset. the most stupid thing is, they quarrel over stupid things. omg. CHILDISH LEH.

i used to be damn hot tempered but now, ive got ULTRA HIGH tolerance level. LOl. no matter how pissed, how angry i am, i will contain my anger, isolate myself and cool it down. highest level already. hahahahahahahahhaha

ok anyway, i jus hope things get better la ar. look at the bright side man...

its goin to be the 6th yr your gone and i still will like to say i miss you. i never forget about you,never forget the days we spent playing tgt, the secrets we shared, the playground we went, the presents we got.. i always think how we will be like if your still around, will we be flying together or you will become the top hair dresser/make up artist, will we be shopping tgt and checking out the hottest IT bag in town.. i know your in gd hands now and looking after everyone.. seeing kelphina tt day reminds me of you, she got the same big eyes and beautiful smile like you..
i miss you jie..

Monday, February 15, 2010

off to perth

the best vday gift was when my bf visited my grandma and aunties for cny and all of them love him!=)

called up to perth and will be back tml night.

gd bye~! and continue to huat everybody~

Friday, February 12, 2010

its a mushroom day=)

its a mushroom day ytd! all thanks to my trainer , we finished our course damn early !=D so bf brought me to mushroom farm and cook mushroom meal for me! HAHA.

too hungry la..

everytime we drive past the tree, bf nv failed to say.. wah the tree damn nice la mus tk foto.

and ytd weather was fantastic! so we decide to tk pic!=D

it looksss..... but it taste great!! and filled with love somemore lorr... haha.
bf cook lehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *pissss no lau sai today! heng arrr...*

damn cute la! HAHAHAHAHa =D
so the whole of ytd all bf did was..
early morning fetch me to office, pick me up from office, go mushroom farm, go home cook,
send me to sch, pick me up from sch, go makan and sent me home...=)
feel really pampered and taken care of. thank you for making me feel like a princess. jus wanna let you know no matter whats your decision i will be by ur side... going thru all the thick n thin, sharing ur happiness and sorrow together. lets work hard tgt babey~=D
im leaving for hong kong soon! and when im back tml, mummy will be preparing steamboat for reunion dinner! woo~! every yr im looking forward to cny eve! all the nice food yum yum yummmmm...happy to the max! and ive got carbernet sauvignon, shiraz, sauvignon blanc all ready for the night=) red wine is daddy's fav and white wine is my favouriteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!best for steamboatie ho ho ho... and every yr after steamboatie i will head off for fireworks.. mm.. shld i go this yr? muahahahha...
think the cny moon is alot more than v day mood eh! LOl. i feel so cheena new yr now!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

my new QQ hair and my japan trip!

i spent the whole day waiting and making myself mei mei!
i did my classic pedicure-- 2 hrs
i permed my hair-- 4 hrs
actually i only intend to cut my hair today but i end up permin my hair.-.- LOl. because while im waiting for erwin to reach the shop, wendy was washing my hair.. then she said that my hair length was jus nice for perm and she can gurantee tt i will look good and not aunty n old. somemore i bought so many magazines from japan and those jap girls their qq curly hair really damn chio laaa make me a bit gian u noe.. so after much thought i decide to give it a try!!!! =D

and i really love it!! =D so happy! hahaha... tml im goin town again~ to do my gel nail manicure!! woo~~ appointment at 1 lor! and im goin to buy new pair of heels! do some shopping=D
and meeting mummy at night for cny groceries shopping! yeah! i love off days in sg!=D

when i was in nagoya~ =D

still looking fresh after flight! all ready to chiong shopping!

queing up for the famous swiss roll at 10am!

my salad that came with my ramen!

my shopping loots!

super love this ring laaaa !!! its not cheap thou but worth it!=)

erm yah. LOL. groceries shopping is a mus!
i love japan!! and i seriously cant wait for my 2 japan holiday with my wonder girls and with bf!!! hahahaha....