Saturday, February 6, 2010


so bored here.I've been lieing like tt on my bed since day 1-.- I feel like a patient cos all I do was lieing on my bed , tv slp eat, eat slp tv, slp tv eat. -.-

I'm so home sick. I miss my room, my mum, my bf, my frens, home cooked food, mee pok dry, fish soup noodle, prawn noodle, salmon sashimi :( I miss the air in sg, miss orchard rd, miss changi airport arrival hall , miss hearing the arrival announcement

Welcome to Singapore ladies and gentleman and to all singaporeans and resident of sg a warm welcome home~~


Alot of things I need to do too. Cut my hair, do my nails, shop for a pair of new shoes... -.-buy new yr goodies for bf's family..

Wo Yao hui jia=(

I'm so saddddddddddddd

Hur hur...

My buddy got dis for me:) so comfy n fluffy to wear! Love it!the only thing to feel happy here:((((((

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