Tuesday, February 9, 2010

my valentine=)

i nv felt so happy to be back in singapore. looking forward for captain to make announcement to prepare for arrival. waiting for passenger to disembark. waiting to call my baby and to hear birds chirping cos he still at home-.- LOL. waiting to collect my baggage.waiting for my baby to pick me up=)

cold cold hashima from baby warm up my heart=) holding my hand all the way home, carry all my baggage up, watching me unpack, throw things here and there, disturb my mummy.. hahaha.. so sweet!! and me disturbing him with.. WHERES MY PRESENT ?? WAT U BUY?? R U GIVING IT TO ME TODAY? WHERES MY PRESENT?? WAT U BUY?? R U GIVING IT TO ME TODAY. repeat 3 times every 5min. even thou im feeling tired from flight but seeing him jus drive my tiredness away..

we were supposed to be visiting mushroom farm, buying ba gua, taking tonnes of pics but we ended up lazing and nuaing. talking rubbish, talk nonsense and heart to heart talk. taking a nap waiting for baby to be back from soccer training and woken up by my the one hugging me =D

i feel so blissful and contented now and i nv regret making this choice to be with you.

baby rmb our promise tt will be fulfiled few yrs later.. i love u <3

my valentine =) thank you baby!!!!!=D

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