Monday, August 31, 2009

night safari trip on our 3rd yr anni~

LOl sibeh ai suiiiii

dis doraemon cost us 36 bucks-.-

the ufo catcher machine earn alot money from us sia!!!

not cheap at all! luckily we got 50% discount from the ndp voucher!!

my niece was super duper excited! hahaha she kept shouting n say WAHHH NI KAN NI KAN!!! WAHHHH !!! KUAI DIAN TK PICTURE!!!!

n 49 bucks for dis fucking leopard -.-

jus got back from dubai today! finally! yeah!
im so tired=(

Sunday, August 30, 2009

ccant wait to be back

im fuckin bored here. i did not go out at all except once, for dinner.

we head str off for dinner at karachi restaurant with our sq make up after we got back from riyah.butter chicken, aloo goobi, chicken tikka, mutton masala, naan, rotisala, briyani. all this make my sorethroat even more sore. but when im eating it feels damn shiok. LOL.

jus one will do yeah. 1 of dis ahneh meal each trip will stop the craving.too much can die. LOl

im flyin back later. yes!

Friday, August 28, 2009

mymeals in dubai=D

my cp prawn wanton soup! add in tao gay *bean sprout* n meat ball! dear mum helped my packed in taogay n meatball oso lor!! woo! n thats my dinner after touched down=D

n today!!

i finally dragged myself to the gym n run for 30 mins on the threadmill!! old liao n too long nv sexercise exercise wah pant like a dog after tt. but i feel gd to sweat it all out!!!=D

preparing my lunch!

fusilli pasta!

tomato n mushroom sauce with cheese suasage. i decide to jus dump in those suasages instead of pan frying them. if i pan fried them .. wah lau my room will be sibeh chao n i think i wil set off the fire alarm LOL.

my yummy lunch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=D i cooked more so i can have it for dinner as welll..wahahahhaha

healthy food!!!=D
anyway the weather here is insane. 40deg.wah lau.. go out less than 5 min the bra soak in sweat liao. tsk tsk.dis type of sweating me no like. HAHA. n i decide not to go dubai mall! I DUN WAN SPEND MONEY!!! yeah. im goin to spend in nanjng! do cheap cheap manicure pedicure shopping n sightsee. make full use of my 3 clear day!
alright . im goin to go bath,do my hand n foot mask, watch tv n nua in bed. =D tml goin to do a turn to riyah and back to dubai again.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

off to dubai

flying off to dubai in awhile. back on monday. will be bringing lappy along. SO. ppl, see me online pls chat with me, tag me, fb me, msn me, or watever me k. i wil be freakin bored in dubai. =(

its their fasting period so no food selling outside oso. lao niang is buy alot at ntuc ytd liao.

2 bottle green tea
1 cann mushroom
1 can spaghetti sauce
1 pack cheese suasage
1 pack fusilli
1 pack rice
1 cann kiam chye
1 cann ba ding
4 packets of snack
2 cup noodles
1 pack ban mian
2 cup of cp prawn wanton


can open mini mart liao sia.


i wont starve liao..HAHAHAHAHH

yeah~ byebye!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

lousy blogger

only manage to post dis few. blogger cant post anymore. smth wrong boo.

alacarte buffet =D

jus got back from brisbane ytd and tml i wil fly off to dubai and be back on monday.

after tt i will have my 3 days off which i got to attend my first lesson for bridging modules , then head to nanjing for 5 days and i will have my annual leave again!! for my bdae!!! WOO~

=) my 21st bdae!!!! no chalet, no major big celebrations, 3 days of celebration!! divided into besties n bf ( the fjjlb n close ones + bf), the besties crews at marina mandarin hotel +dbl o crazy night out , and finally the ''formal'' celebrations at grandma's place with family n relatives. =D


Saturday, August 22, 2009

eat non stop!!

20 aug is our 3rd yr anniversary=D shopped ard in bugis and at night we brought my niece out to the night safari cos 21st aug is her bdae! she was supper excited and kept on shouting out the animals name when we r there HAHAHAHAa. =)

on 21 aug! my whole family had buffet dinner at hanabi!! celebration for niece n daddy's bdae. and today 22 aug is my dad actual bdae so we head off for buffet agaiN!! 2 DAYS OF BUFFET IN A ROW! fat fat.. n tml is bf's uncle bdae. food again!!!


haha more fotos when im free=)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

sibeh sian

omg im sibeh sian now.

off days + annual leave song bo...

first day only already sian daooooooo... -.-

i feel like goin shopping n do my nails leh but im so freaking lazy to go bath go make up change n go out...

i feel like goin to gym but im so sian to go bath go change n go out....

i feel like goin to slp but im so lazy to stand up walk to my bed n lie down... LOL


butt stick to the chair like superglue leh how=(

ive got craving for so many things leh... crave for milk tea.. crave for a beer.. crave for a smoke... how?

lazy pig

yawnnnn ... k i think i wil jus stand up.. shun bian tk control.. walk to bed. ... lie down n watch tv..



Saturday, August 15, 2009


aircarft visit day~

dasao n fatty niece hahahah

sakura buffet dinner for father's day and daddy's advance bdae treat!

wala wala after tt~

we love beer~!!

they r my super steady buddies now!! im really really touched when serena changed away her flt and somemore top the person up so that she can attend my bdae party!!!! im really really really touched=) and i accidentally found out about the surprise that my buddy wanna give me. HAHAHAHHAa ... opps....

off to brisbane later!!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

baby's 24th bdae=)

i woke up at 445pm today.. woo.. str 16 hrs of slp.. shiok! got a shock when i wake up too.. so late liao! HAHAHHA

activated for my standby tml.. wil be flying off to brisbane.. wil be my first time flyin A330.. hope it wil be a great one! WOOSH!

im so freaking lazy to pack my bag...later la.. post fotos first!

its the old man 24th birthday!!=D

a surprise when the clock strike 12!

hope ur wish come true dar dar!

red red face due to the wala session with the ladies before the surprise! hahahah oppsss

dinner at seafood paradise=D

this is his favourtie!

lychess mojito. sucks leh

i caught dis bear!!!! so cute!!!!=D

at the marina barrage


i like dis!


messy=seXy LOL




we jump like mad lor.. lucky not much ppl ard hahaha.. after all the jumping shots .. we feel tt we had lost like 2 kg! HAHAHAHAH damn fuuny