Saturday, February 28, 2009

a visit to the wonder--PYRAMID~ egypt!

im back from cairo~! all i can say is rest n relax. not much stress not much complain not much work. HAHAa. on the day we touched down, we went for cruise along the famous nile river in egypt. we paid 17usd per person for about 2 hrs of cruise inclusive of a buffet dinner and lots of local dance performance like sofi dance, belly danc etc. the night scenery was breath taking and all the lightings make the nile river even more attracting and beautiful. pictures of that will post of another time.

the next day, we went to the pyramid!!!! 10 of us joined the tour !=) im glad that the weather was gd n the temperature was about 15-20 deg. jus nice. not too hot not too cold.

our ticket! the interior of the pyramids were about the same so we decided to visit the 2nd pyramid which has one of the biggest interior design.

got on our camel and start our amazing trip to the pyramid..!

me and eelin shared a camel. our camel name is MOSSES. hahaha.. =D

we rented 4 camels and 2 horses.. 2 person 1 camel.. n the horse for 1 person..

hema and herni~

lets go~ long journey to go~

camwhoring on the camel..
actually im quite freaked out when im on the camel esp when the camel stand up after we sit on her hump. wah lao.. im like holdin on to my dear life.. and when they r goin to sit down again to let us get down omg.. im always screamin LOl... but after awhile i kinda enjoy it. HAHAa its like siting on osim i gallop and the next day all of us suffered from ache on our inner thight and back hahahahah


hahahha adjusting position

oh ya btw tts the 6sgd zara jacket i got from denmark! HAHA

2nd day of my DIY teeth whitening process.. i think its whiter eh! lol

im ANGEL THE GIANT... rahhhhh LOL

girls...always get the chance to camwhore.. even on a camel. HAHAHA and the wind is so damn big lar!! our hairs are all tangled up machiam the sea wind blow.. lol

''photographer'' eric lol

finally we r gettin nearer. its kinda far leh. and half way through we saw something weird.. its like all of a sudden it become SO WINDY AND SO MUCH SANDS FLYING ARD!! SAND STORM!! omg.. lol.. we had to stop for a few minutes n hide our faces in jacket, scarfes or watever n close our eyes LOl.. after the wind died down we continue our journey..

and start camwhoring again.. HAHA


climbing up the pyramid! haha tts amy at the back.. she can really climb sia LOl

too bad we cant tk picture inside the pyramid. its very hot n stuffy inside,the tunnel is v narrow n steep!!we had to bend and squat and walk down slope for about 25 m which is really straining on the leg and back... and when we thought we r reaching and can finally stand up straight, theres another 25 m upslope with the bend squat position again.. wtf. after all the sweating and panting finally we saw the ''room'' with an empty rectangle box made of stones ---- which is the coffin tt store the mummy.. but ya mummy not there liao la.. in museum...
we were like.. ok... like tt only den sweat and pant and walk down and up slope 50m in bend-squat position AGAIN.. MY GOD.. im like gasping for air !!! its so damn stuffy n so many ppl inside la.. wth... LOl

this statue is the guardian of the pyramids. it dun have nose because the neapolian remove the nose. and it is now in one of the museum in europe. yes. nose only. -.-
the place where we visited had 3 big pyramids and 6 small ones. the biggest one is for the grandfather follow by the son and grandson. each pyramid is made of different stone. limestone, graphite and i-forgot-liao. LOl the tallest pyramid is 145m. i really wonder how they build the pyramid. its all handmade lehhh no crane to carry the heavy stone somemore. each stone tt build up the pyramid weights about 30 tonnes!!!

i wanted to wrap it ard the neck but fail. haiz nvm. jus tk it tt his kissing my hand ok! =D

mosses waiting for me .. hehehe

having our late lunch at kfc+pizza hut outlet. n heres the view from the window ..

cool eh?
we were so tired after the trip. we r failed with sand from top to toe. theres even sand in our ear. gosh... LOl.. when i reached hotel.. the first thing i do is to bathe!! n i wash my hair twice n it tangle like MAD! lol.. n when i put on my fancl to remove my make up i tot im doing facial scrub cos there are many fine sand particles stuck on my face!! lol
alright update til here..=)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

back on sat=D

im flying off to cairo,egypt later.. and 2 days ago theres a bombing in one of their tourist attractions which caused 1 dead and 20 injured. OMG

but i so wanna go see the pyramid, sit on the camel and visit the mummies...!!! i hope theres ppl who wanna go sightsee with me!

i will be back on saturday morning=)


Sunday, February 22, 2009

annual leave over~=(

ytd is the last day of my annual leave~!!!!!!!

i had my lunch with my fjjlb n go a lil crazy in the arcade. i think i prove them right that im an idiot in gaming hahah

and off i went to meet bf after tt. watch K20. lame show.. haha

today im on standby and was activated for hong kong night stop. fyin off in a while and back tml afternoon=)

so fast.. 8 days of annual leave fly off~

Thursday, February 19, 2009


wake up to a sunny morning~ =D met up with jasmine for some sizzling hot tanning LOl

lavendar smth lime lol


im freakin reddy lobster now ... hoho
ok anyway my fren msn me out of a sudden lol. i think its quite random n he said its for his project. LOL
our conversation..

Terrence says:
yo ask u a scenario where:
He sits down across your table.
You sip your wine.
The handsome young man
lifts his eyes from the menu.
They meet yours.
Your wish has come true.
He’s walking over.
wat wld stop u frm committing adultery (if u alrdy haf a partner) or having an unsafe one nite stand?

* ANGEL * / a pleasure to the lips add pounds to the hip says:

* ANGEL * / a pleasure to the lips add pounds to the hip says:

* ANGEL * / a pleasure to the lips add pounds to the hip says:
tts random

* ANGEL * / a pleasure to the lips add pounds to the hip says: