Monday, February 2, 2009


day 1 before goin out=)

day 2~

my dear bird=D

tivoli~~ too bad its close in winter


dis is their public toilet.. lol

its snowingggggg...


the famous mermaid at the back
it freakin cold here n super windy.. i cant feel my fingers as its all numb... n my ears were frozen! gosh.. not kiddin

on the way back!

im here the 2nd time, with a different weather, different set of crew and different feeling.

the weather today is -2 to -4 deg, snowing when we r out. freaking cold.... *shivers* took tons of foto and laugh a lot too=) i think the best deal was the jacket that i got from zara.. its on sales and cost about 39 kronerz which is abt 8sgd. omg! got a scarf from H&M at about 5 sgd. yell CHEAPPPPPPPPPPPPP with me. HHAHA.

tml is another 1 whole clear day! bird and i are goin to check out all the shopping here and maybe catch a movie=)

im watching MTV channel now and i cant believe those girls sweet 16 bdae party was so grand. omg. filthy rich. they even invited celebrity like rihanna, kanye west and g-unit to perform and their bdae gifts are jaguar, bmw sweet 16 party? i cant even rmb wat i did on tt bdae.. LOL..


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