Tuesday, April 28, 2009

ah lian!


the ah lian days.


were browsing through my photos folders and all these fotos bring back those memories of my ah lian days. HAHAHAH.. the typical kim moh.. blue contacts.. green contacts.. HAHAHAH and those days when my nails with lots of colours n blings and ears with rows of earrings LOL

classic sia!!!

and we start and end the sentence with nbcb.. or knn.. or smth like tt. HAHAHAHAH

omg.. those were the days.. haha..


been busying with stuff like family chalet, fortune telling outing with gfs, par tor with bf and la kopi-ed with my fjjlb. =D i think we r damn noisy at starfuck n really luff thru out the 2 hrs plus.


recently been having some eye problem.-.- not tt i becomin pa jiao but is i kena ba jiam.. I NV PEEP AT PPL BATH OK!!! i oso nv watch porn.. or maybe i did watch one of the gary ng's video tts why like tt. LOL.. nb... arghhhh.. its like tt stupid ba jiam on n off come n find me problem!!!! wth wth wth...

anyway i feel like changing my hairstyle.... i feel like rebonding my hair n cut my bangs... GOSH... but i tk a long time to finally get a whole head of ''natural'' hair. i mean those dyed hair..rebonded hair in the past all CUT AWAY LIAO.. so now i au natural~~ n i do love it but i always envy those girls with straight n silky hair!!!! duh..

i duno wat im talking la.. n its 3.30 am... -.- i kinda miss flying =x LOl...

anyway me , ali and xiaoling really had an eye-opening session with the fortune teller, reika soh. all i can say is 3 of us were O.O, the moment she starts saying about us. lol.. and anyone got anymore v zhun zhun fortune teller to intro???!!! TAG ME PLS!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


ive got a free 16gb ipod touch. it will come 3 weeks later.


strike off 1 item from my want list=) haha. its a want not a wish! LOl..

21st bdae coming liao ppl dun get me mp 3 liao hor! LOl

u can consider portable dvd player * no nid v gd one cos i wan to put in luggage check in ..wil throw here n there LOl*

as i was typing dis entry the stupid stirrer JASMINE!! stir me into dis online shop and i got 2 tops from there. wtf!!! haiz.. women.. HAHA.. but the 2 tops really is kua liao buay pai leh..

back to my want list... ya man portable dvd player la.. =)

den like wat xin says... maybe i can set up a booth with a very big board tt says E-ANGBAO.. so ppl who duno wat to buy for me can ibank money to my acc on the spot.. no nid gif angbao so ma fan rite...at end of day i oso duno which angbao is who give unless u write ur name. LOL.. not bad rite... E-ANGBAO. hahahhaha

ok think too much. bird day in sept now like april only!

btw free ipod is from some plan tt i signed up. its time to plan for early retirement.. so mus buy some saving plan la.. investment plan la.. plan plan plan la... LOl.. maybe who noes by 40 if i nv get married n remain single like some old sinster or wat .i stil got money to high tea.. manicure..shopping and hor li leh!


ok go slp n continue dream liao ~ bye~

Thursday, April 23, 2009


all i do for my auckland trip is slp! after touched down chiong to supermarket buy drystore.. come back slp from 4pm to 1am den eat n slp from 3am to 2pm n den eat again n slp from 4 pm to 8pm and den mask, tv, read mag and den slp again til 5.30 am n eat again n prepare for flight.

literally EAT N SLP.

even thou gucci is cheaper in auckland den in paris *amazingly* im not tempted AT ALL. the selection v limited. lucky its limited if not i will get another heart attack after seeing my bill next mth. the bill for my paris trip is enuff to make me hyperventilate!!!!

i think im growing fat. cos i cant stop munching !! =(

tml wil do a turn and den i wil be on leave til 1st of may. PPL PLEASE DATE ME.

haiz.. why everyone go hor li leh but i nv!!! i only got chalet... cbbb..
i wan hor li leh oso=( suppose to go with my parents so i giv up the change to go with li li.. now my parents put me aeroplane and li li already got her plan.. so i ask cass but she got smth on too.. SO HOWWWWWWWWWW... slack at home again. gosh.. all my leaves are spend slacking at home n doin nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


im so depress.... ROARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR...

the fucking weather in sg is mf hot!!!


ok im rambling non stoppppppppppp i cant stoppppppppppp rahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

at least my sat n sun is planned. sat meeting my ali n chalet after tt.. sun chalet again

HAIZ ...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

back on tues

im flying off to auckland in a while. back on tues evening.

till then~

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

qi yu wu!!!

omg omg omg!!

i noe i look freaking off here!! butttttttttt.... his so handsome!!!!

his on my flight back from guangzhou to singapore. it was a turn ard flight for us, meaning we fly there and back on the same day. woke up at 3.30 am to prepare make up n hair n breakfast den head off for reporting at 6.20. gosh n it was full load for both sector!!!! i was working as a steward-.- tough jjob=( but my chief and crews were super helpful la! thanks to them.. it makes my day when i saw qi yu wu walking towards my aircraft door when i was doing boarding! im literally stunned n my heart beating so fast!!! WAHAHAH.. super tall n handsome laaaaaaaa...

all i can say is his super freindly but quiet.. wahaha n my chief is so nice!! seeing me so gaga over him.. he went up n ask him if he can tk a pic with us!! he readily agreed and came to our galley.. n when he took off his sunglasses... *bbRzzZZzzZ--electric sound* wah high voltage can!! LOl he made my day~!!!

omgomgomg... im still gaga-ing over him *wide gRRRrrin* =D

new roster out~ 2 long flight~ say hi to manchester...! say hi to london's airport only~ LOl.. and dubai ..moscow.. i wanna go red square in moscow~! n hong kong nightstop for the red dates hashima and cha chan teng!!!=D

Friday, April 10, 2009

day out in town!

a great day spent hanging out in town with bf=) manage to get alot things strike out from my to-buy and to-do list...

got my pedicure done at Nail avenue in far east. i love goin there because they have a lcd tv hang on their wall and while doing ur nails you can watch movie! the other time i watched butterfly lovers by wu zun! and dis time i watched marley and me. isnt it great? even thou i chose to do express pedicure, the manicurist never fail to clean up my nails thoroughly! you know how difficult it is to remove the red polish esp like mine which is super stained by the red pigment!!!she even trim my cuticles for me. shes jus so meticulous in her work! even thou we duno each others name, she rmb the colour i use! HAHA. tt kinda got me by surprise.unlike the other salon i visit, their express pedicure means remove nail colour, shape ur nails, paint new colour , few minute to dry and GD BYE. lol so if u guys wanna get a gd n worth it express pedi go to nails avenue at fep level 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=D

sometime i wish that watson has dis loyalty programme or u noe those point rewards programme. every dollar u spent got 1 point den can exchange stuff or voucher tt kinda thing. cos i always spent so much money there!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol can u imagine i spent like 66 there -.- and i surely wil get smth there everytime i go! brrrrrrrrrrr.... so dis time i got my mascara, my nail polish and dis....

Marjolica marjoca press pore cover, $33.90

it was said to be able to prevent pimples and blackheads, kp ur make up looking fresh and tzone oil-free~ well...... sounds amazing isnt it. read it from citta bella. so im giving it a try. mm.. haven use it yet so cant do any review about it. =)

other than doing my shopping, bf oso did his shopping too!! HAHA.. and we had our dinner at pastamania. the prawn aglio was so disappointing, totally far from the one i had at tcc. =(

anyway, bf is really wonderful! where can u find a guy who will shop with u when he sprained his leg and was limping ard in orchard with a shopaholic gf? and where to get a guy who will wait there like a toot toot when the gf is enjoying her pedicure? and where to get a bf who can tolerate n not complain when the gf always not ard during weekends, festive seasons n special occasion?

thanks baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUACKS=D

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Im finally home!!! never feel so tired before!

sometimes i feel that the way u work reflects on urself. if your a boss and u dun work as hard as ur subordinate how are u goin to earn their respect? it only makes ppl look down on you , ur integrity and doubt ur professionlism. take pride in your work and let others look up to you. if you dun haf passion in it den jus fuck off. make others life easier!!

jus ranting out some tots .. arghh~!

ok..pictures~! as mentioned in my previous entry.. its a sunday so not much places were opened..so there will be tonnes of self shot!!!=D

i noe it looks like dog food... but trust me its nice laaaa....

signature pose! lol

our trip to MALMO~ sweden=)

figuring out which train to tk

me n val~

a freindly n helpful passerby lend it to us! HAHA

xiang ning and rae~



at lila torg~

rae val and our bollywood star sharma LOL


CHOCOLATE FACTORY! but not open=( cos its sundayyyyy


its very beautiful here=)

lol..sibeh bollywood siaaa..

the bb so cute rite!! like a doll!!!! hahahaha