Friday, April 10, 2009

day out in town!

a great day spent hanging out in town with bf=) manage to get alot things strike out from my to-buy and to-do list...

got my pedicure done at Nail avenue in far east. i love goin there because they have a lcd tv hang on their wall and while doing ur nails you can watch movie! the other time i watched butterfly lovers by wu zun! and dis time i watched marley and me. isnt it great? even thou i chose to do express pedicure, the manicurist never fail to clean up my nails thoroughly! you know how difficult it is to remove the red polish esp like mine which is super stained by the red pigment!!!she even trim my cuticles for me. shes jus so meticulous in her work! even thou we duno each others name, she rmb the colour i use! HAHA. tt kinda got me by surprise.unlike the other salon i visit, their express pedicure means remove nail colour, shape ur nails, paint new colour , few minute to dry and GD BYE. lol so if u guys wanna get a gd n worth it express pedi go to nails avenue at fep level 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=D

sometime i wish that watson has dis loyalty programme or u noe those point rewards programme. every dollar u spent got 1 point den can exchange stuff or voucher tt kinda thing. cos i always spent so much money there!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol can u imagine i spent like 66 there -.- and i surely wil get smth there everytime i go! brrrrrrrrrrr.... so dis time i got my mascara, my nail polish and dis....

Marjolica marjoca press pore cover, $33.90

it was said to be able to prevent pimples and blackheads, kp ur make up looking fresh and tzone oil-free~ well...... sounds amazing isnt it. read it from citta bella. so im giving it a try. mm.. haven use it yet so cant do any review about it. =)

other than doing my shopping, bf oso did his shopping too!! HAHA.. and we had our dinner at pastamania. the prawn aglio was so disappointing, totally far from the one i had at tcc. =(

anyway, bf is really wonderful! where can u find a guy who will shop with u when he sprained his leg and was limping ard in orchard with a shopaholic gf? and where to get a guy who will wait there like a toot toot when the gf is enjoying her pedicure? and where to get a bf who can tolerate n not complain when the gf always not ard during weekends, festive seasons n special occasion?

thanks baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUACKS=D

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