Saturday, April 25, 2009


ive got a free 16gb ipod touch. it will come 3 weeks later.


strike off 1 item from my want list=) haha. its a want not a wish! LOl..

21st bdae coming liao ppl dun get me mp 3 liao hor! LOl

u can consider portable dvd player * no nid v gd one cos i wan to put in luggage check in ..wil throw here n there LOl*

as i was typing dis entry the stupid stirrer JASMINE!! stir me into dis online shop and i got 2 tops from there. wtf!!! haiz.. women.. HAHA.. but the 2 tops really is kua liao buay pai leh..

back to my want list... ya man portable dvd player la.. =)

den like wat xin says... maybe i can set up a booth with a very big board tt says E-ANGBAO.. so ppl who duno wat to buy for me can ibank money to my acc on the spot.. no nid gif angbao so ma fan end of day i oso duno which angbao is who give unless u write ur name. LOL.. not bad rite... E-ANGBAO. hahahhaha

ok think too much. bird day in sept now like april only!

btw free ipod is from some plan tt i signed up. its time to plan for early retirement.. so mus buy some saving plan la.. investment plan la.. plan plan plan la... LOl.. maybe who noes by 40 if i nv get married n remain single like some old sinster or wat .i stil got money to high tea.. and hor li leh!


ok go slp n continue dream liao ~ bye~

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