Thursday, April 2, 2009

alil review on the lips=)

i bought dis at the airport today. i think my lip deserves a gd pampering after all those red lippies and glittery gloss lip stick. -.-

actually i feel tt i wasted money after using it once. LOl. its like no difference after exfoliating??? ok maybe more moisturise la. i shall bring it to copenhagen n try again. its winter and air is drier so i can feel the diff better!!!

oh btw i bought a Loreal Glam shine lip gloss the other day. watson having 20% off so gave it a try. im totally not a lip gloss person because it always wear off and disappear after 10 minutes on my lips. but dis baby really stays the whole day even after ur meal!! its so glittery n bling=) its about 18.90 before the discount. worth the money!

anyway i cant find my mp3=( its my very first mp3 a 17th bdae gift from a gd fren!! goshhh=( its either i lost it or somewhere in my rm...but i cant find it!!! *pUlL HaIr* but the mp3 abit spoil spoil liao la.. 4 yrs old already.. ahem.. who wan buy ipod for me!!! LOl

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