Tuesday, August 31, 2010

a lil update!

the long awaited bf's bdae is over! im happy that everything went well and he loves all my surprises! from the 23 handmade cards to the gold class movie ticket to the birthday bbq surprise!=) and thanks everyone who help me out with the surprise!!=D

and i think the best surprise is bf's bdae eve. we went hiking-.- LOL. it wasnt plan. we were lazing ard and the idea of walking the dog jus came to us. so walking the dog end up walking them to the tree top walk. the poor dogs were panting like hell LOL. worst than me. and i almost gave up mannnnn!!!!!! but im glad we made it!=D more fotos of that when im back from brisbane=)

after all the celebrations, heaty food and not enuff slpppp... i end up falling sick=( but my forever loving bf always shower me with TLC! so its not a bad thing to fall sick sometime eh? i got food delivered to my house, got handsome guy acc me to see doctor, got handsome guy hug me to slp... wah lau whats there to complain rite!!!!!! hahahahaha

seriously cant wait for our bkk trip!!! jus 1 more brisbane flight and 1 more paris flight, it will be our BANGCOCK TRIP! WOOO!!!=D im looking forward to the trip more than my birthday HAHAHA. i rmb spending my 20th birthday all alone in adelaide and cryin in my hotel room=(
but now im goin to spend with my love one! WOO!!!=D

alright gtg slp now!=) bye ppl~!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

2 birthdays in a row~!

the 2 labbits!

i think bf makes a good tution teacher. he is so patient in guiding my niece thru the game. i was so patient that i jus spell it out for her. HAHAHA.

they are BFF now. n they love to gang up against me=( pooorr me!

but its ok. cos dragon girl bully little labbit everytime!

the next day, at tung lok restaurant. ecp branch. ALA CARTE buffet!!=D fully paid by your truly.. although its a lil ex but the quality of the food were good ! service thumbs up too!=)))

happy cristabel~!

the birthday boy eats till so shiok!

1 big family=)

current location : london

parcel recieved!

milk bottles-.- who else but pamela? LOl help her to collect this back to sg. she said its alot cheaper than buying in sg! =)

my loots.
my first time staying this hotel. so much convenient! cos westfield is jus opp n i can shop like mad!! gona go shop at west field again den back here to unload my loots den off to primark!!=)
so happy with my top from ALL SAINTS. its like 70% off! suppose to be 90 pound! now 27 pound!=D
and bf's bdae surprise more or less settled! im so happy. im glad theres things like internet! i can book all my stuff for him online and get everything done in my room. isnt it fantastic? =)
so when im back from this trip it will be bf's birthday~!=)
so many birthdays this month. daddy's, niece's n bf's! thou its a little taxing to my account and im so much poorer but im happy that they r happy!=)
love them to bits!=)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

im all ready!!

im in melbourne now and flying home shortly!=))) super excited to go home cos when i touch down later im goin for bbq chalet!!! super love bbq chalet! remind me of those good old ah lian days HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

today n tml will be my niece and dad's bdae, so we are celebrating together! omg.. i can hear those bbq sweet corns, chicken wings, otah, satay, sambal sotong and prawn calling for me!!! woohhoooo~!!!!!! and nt forgetting my boyfriend to be there vaccumming all the food. HAHAH=)

next weekend will be boyfriend's bdae!!! ive got 3 little presents for him in melbourne! and i hope i will be able to find more presents in london !=) boyfriend is more excited over my bdae than his own bdae. this boy is weird. =)im looking forward to his thou! i wan this bdae for him to be happy and memorable=)

im so excited to go home now!!!!!!!!! cant wait!! and the strong aroma of coffee im drinking now is perking me up as im typing this entry...=)

boyfriend I LOVE YOU=)

im really very bless to have you. im happy and contented with my life now.


Thursday, August 19, 2010


My day was spent searching for presents for the 2 most important man in my life and my niece.

As me n my buddy were shopping n searching for present , one of the items caught our eyes! It's really beautiful n I think it suits boyfriend alot! Thou it's nt expensive but I really love it:)) gona search for another present for him! Hopefully I can get smth nice in Melbourne or London!

As for daddy's , I can't find anything nice:( jus got him a new wallet for father's day. Was thinking of getting a Osim massage chair or nespresso machine for him after we move house .. Mmmm

N for my niece! Her present was easy to get! I jus gave her a ds lite, it was my old ds lite n since I'm nt playin n she loves it so much , I jus gave it to her. But still I got her a small pressie:) a set of hello kitty glass ware which includes plate, bowl n spoon. So cute! She's gona love it:) !! So the month of august is filled with bdaeeees!!!!!!

One of our fav fotos:)))
I was smiling to myself when I'm lookin at the small little present I got for him:) n everywhere I go today, I think of him. Think of him shopping tgt with me, think of us taking foto in topshop, think of us luffin at weird ppl, think of us crapping n bullying each other....

I miss u so much baby....

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Our lightstick fun~

Salt was a great movie!!! and its even greater when u got the whole cinema to yourself! the whole theatre only like, me, bf, bf's mum, dad n sis. and a stranger. like 6 ppl? HAHAHA. we still can rest our legs on the front seat! hahaha
after our movie, we end up playing lightsticks in bf's room. he was trying out some photo taking tricks and to coordinate with him, we have to pose and not move for like a good 20-30 secs. all of us end up bursting into laughters and giggle non stop. HAHAHAH. cant stop luffing when i think back now.
and before that, i was eating luku( fruits like ba luku?) in the living room, suddenly theres this big fat n gross CATERPILLAR crawling out from the bunch of fruits. Im like totally freaked out, wtf!!!! n the father said, aiyahhhhh its CAPITERLLA LA...... we were like ? . HAHAHA.... n me n melissa continued to scream smth like omggggg!!! caterpillar!!!! and the dad repeated again, AIYAHHHH CAPITERLLA LAAA..HAVEN BECOME BUTTERFLY... all of us BURST OUT LAUGHING... hahahahah.. yayayay CAPITERLLA LAAAA... hahahahah and when i was on my way to work today, i actually burst out laughing to myself, cos i suddenly thought of CAPITERLLA.. hahahahah
and im finally meeting jiewei for some shopping tml!!! wooo!!!! sorry bf! im claimin an off day from you~ HAHAHAHAH

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Only you

My eye twitch for a reason:(
I dun mean to make you upset:(

I jus wan you to know,
You are the reason I smile. As long as you r with me, nothing else matters. As long as we get to spend time tgt, I'm happy.

You have become a part of my life and I wan to grow old with you...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy 10 mth!

Time flies~ it's the 15th again! N it's our 10th month together:) my life is filled with happiness n laughter ever since I met you. We laughed n we cried n we love each other more each time. Baby, thank you for brightening up my life:)

I love you, always.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

my baby

my baby miss me so much today that he called me more than 10 times! =)

silly boy!

n we had a lil misunderstanding jus now. =( guess its miscommunication ..but stil IM SORRY BABY! pls accept my apology! i still love you many many more=)

railway and bubbles~


boyfriend's fav~!

my favourite~!

ytd was another wonderful day for us.=)
as usual we were supposed to go cycling BUT my lazy boyfriend overslept and he refused to go. so what to do~ we went to the railway at kranji instead!! hahahahha=D we took lots of nice photos!! despite sweating like a mad dog we still enjoy ourselves and had fun blowing bubbles. HAHA. the conclusion i got after the bubbles , BOYFRIEND GOT NO CHILDHOOD. he duno how to blow bubbles one lor.. lousy shit... n he really nv play this kind of bubble before. HAHA. the only one he played before was those self made bubbles he play when he is bathing??!! HAHAHAH
and we spend the rest of our night editing photos and eating yummy yummy steamboat prepared by mummy seet! omg. the tom yum soup was uber HOT and SPICY. eat till mucus oso flow out siaaa.... BURP OUT LOUD.
=))))))))))) LOVE YOU LA BABY!!!!
leaving for narita tonight and be back on friday~!!!!=D