Tuesday, August 31, 2010

a lil update!

the long awaited bf's bdae is over! im happy that everything went well and he loves all my surprises! from the 23 handmade cards to the gold class movie ticket to the birthday bbq surprise!=) and thanks everyone who help me out with the surprise!!=D

and i think the best surprise is bf's bdae eve. we went hiking-.- LOL. it wasnt plan. we were lazing ard and the idea of walking the dog jus came to us. so walking the dog end up walking them to the tree top walk. the poor dogs were panting like hell LOL. worst than me. and i almost gave up mannnnn!!!!!! but im glad we made it!=D more fotos of that when im back from brisbane=)

after all the celebrations, heaty food and not enuff slpppp... i end up falling sick=( but my forever loving bf always shower me with TLC! so its not a bad thing to fall sick sometime eh? i got food delivered to my house, got handsome guy acc me to see doctor, got handsome guy hug me to slp... wah lau whats there to complain rite!!!!!! hahahahaha

seriously cant wait for our bkk trip!!! jus 1 more brisbane flight and 1 more paris flight, it will be our BANGCOCK TRIP! WOOO!!!=D im looking forward to the trip more than my birthday HAHAHA. i rmb spending my 20th birthday all alone in adelaide and cryin in my hotel room=(
but now im goin to spend with my love one! WOO!!!=D

alright gtg slp now!=) bye ppl~!

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