Thursday, August 19, 2010


My day was spent searching for presents for the 2 most important man in my life and my niece.

As me n my buddy were shopping n searching for present , one of the items caught our eyes! It's really beautiful n I think it suits boyfriend alot! Thou it's nt expensive but I really love it:)) gona search for another present for him! Hopefully I can get smth nice in Melbourne or London!

As for daddy's , I can't find anything nice:( jus got him a new wallet for father's day. Was thinking of getting a Osim massage chair or nespresso machine for him after we move house .. Mmmm

N for my niece! Her present was easy to get! I jus gave her a ds lite, it was my old ds lite n since I'm nt playin n she loves it so much , I jus gave it to her. But still I got her a small pressie:) a set of hello kitty glass ware which includes plate, bowl n spoon. So cute! She's gona love it:) !! So the month of august is filled with bdaeeees!!!!!!

One of our fav fotos:)))
I was smiling to myself when I'm lookin at the small little present I got for him:) n everywhere I go today, I think of him. Think of him shopping tgt with me, think of us taking foto in topshop, think of us luffin at weird ppl, think of us crapping n bullying each other....

I miss u so much baby....

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