Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Our lightstick fun~

Salt was a great movie!!! and its even greater when u got the whole cinema to yourself! the whole theatre only like, me, bf, bf's mum, dad n sis. and a stranger. like 6 ppl? HAHAHA. we still can rest our legs on the front seat! hahaha
after our movie, we end up playing lightsticks in bf's room. he was trying out some photo taking tricks and to coordinate with him, we have to pose and not move for like a good 20-30 secs. all of us end up bursting into laughters and giggle non stop. HAHAHAH. cant stop luffing when i think back now.
and before that, i was eating luku( fruits like ba luku?) in the living room, suddenly theres this big fat n gross CATERPILLAR crawling out from the bunch of fruits. Im like totally freaked out, wtf!!!! n the father said, aiyahhhhh its CAPITERLLA LA...... we were like ? . HAHAHA.... n me n melissa continued to scream smth like omggggg!!! caterpillar!!!! and the dad repeated again, AIYAHHHH CAPITERLLA LAAA..HAVEN BECOME BUTTERFLY... all of us BURST OUT LAUGHING... hahahahah.. yayayay CAPITERLLA LAAAA... hahahahah and when i was on my way to work today, i actually burst out laughing to myself, cos i suddenly thought of CAPITERLLA.. hahahahah
and im finally meeting jiewei for some shopping tml!!! wooo!!!! sorry bf! im claimin an off day from you~ HAHAHAHAH

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