Monday, August 2, 2010

looking forward=D

everytime when im seated at my take off/ landing seat, i always thought to myself, 'how great will it be if im travelling with my love, seating next to each other, holding hands and looking forward to the holiday'

everytime when i see couples in the plane, i will be full of envy. thinking, how great will it be if its us travelling together...

everytime when im roaming along the streets alone, i see couples holding hands giving each other warmth in the cold cold winter, i cant help but feel sad that im all alone =(

everytime when im eating nice cuisines and food that cant be find in singapore, i will be thinking that the food will taste even better if i were to share it with you...

now finally we are goin overseas together soon, although its a short trip but i will treasure every minutes and seconds of it...

im goin to hold ur hand tight throught out the flight.
im goin to wipe your sweat in the hot hot weather~ *bangcock very hot no nid to share warmth!* LOl
im goin to enjoy all the nice nice food with you~
we will wake up and blow bad breathe at each other and pillow fight~! and the only worry for the trip is what to eat and where to shop!=)

cant help but keep smiling as im typing this entry.. i love you sweety!!!!

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