Monday, June 28, 2010

flying back to hong kong =)

din do much shopping in san francisco probably cos i had shopped too much in houston. the brands in the states are more or less the same. so yep. not much damages done. WOO! =D but i foresee myself splurging in hong kong. HAHA. we r goin to the disney land!=)

getting kinda homesick now. cant wait to go home asap. and im missing you badly=(

wo yao hui jia!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

in the US of A

current location : San francisco

my tiredness was accumulated all the way since im back from last week. -.- it got worst when i touch down hongkong the other day. nwe sang ktv till 6am in the morning. we got in the place at night. got out the place when the sun rise. how cool! HAHA. tts why i love my lifestyle. once im off, its really my off. i dun haf to worry about work anymore. =D slept for a few hrs again and flew here.

flight was super tiring and working with spider make things worst. spider? ya kan chiong spider with a golden mouth lor. anything tt spider said, TING! it had to appear right in front sui sui prepare well . wtf? r we octopus!? 2 hands only ok.. no haf 8 hands hor...

watever lor. im gona go shopping with darling cass. im on a budget now. so.... I MUS CONTROL.

but on sales leh. how?=(

anyway boyfriend! i noe u r waiting for this! =)

im glad everything is goin well for you now and everything is goin back on track. continue to play well and u will get back to where u r soon! dun give up and keep rocking! every match is an opportunity!!

this pic nv fails to crack me up. hahaha so cute isnt it?? both of them disturbing me when im preparing for work. haiz, kids nowadays. HAHAHA

love u sweety=)

Thursday, June 24, 2010


I felt xinfu when I c my niece n bf playing happily tgt:)

Totally love!

If only the dun bully me:(

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

my pAris trip~~!

the dinner we had on our touch down day~!!

the favourite mussels joint. the mussels are fresh and they had different flavour and cooking method. its one super huge pot that even a guy will have problem finishing everything! not forgetting the free flow of french fries you get! supper yummeh~!

theres always space for dessert ! my raspberry and lemon sherbet were fantastic but the coconut ice cream wasnt to my liking. the coconut taste was too strong.

my colleagues waffle!!

yum yum yum!!!

the ticket to poverty or happiness?

in search of the flagship store. Chanel at rue cambon. the first chanel boutique and also the one featured in the movie Coco Chanel. it was alittl wasted to not tk photo there. oh well...

tgt with berrie!!=D still rmb we did a amsterdam flight 2 yrs ago with ivan. 3 of us had so much fun and laughters through out the trip.=) and so was this trip too!

a puddle of love in paris. how romantic!

i finally found my bag in avenue montaigne. not forgetting a pose outside the store!

few years back, i dont even dare to step in a chanel boutique, dont even dare to dream of getting a bag from there. all i can do is to envy those girls who own it and carries them. now i owe my very first chanel and i felt a sense of accomplishment! so girls work hard and you will get what you want! =D

a happy little girl!
i still rmb the SA told berrie, " look at her! shes so happy with her purchase ! like a little girl!"
hahaha opps

how can not camwhore right!!!!! LOL
thats all about my trip in paris.
my off days were well spent in singapore. =D and i finally got a new laptop!! wooo~!! was out searching for the lap top the whole day at funan it mall with uncle seet!
tml we will go n buy his camera lens and we can tk more nice fotos!!! yeah!!
and good news! i will be flying off to taipei with my buddy for our holiday!!! yeahhh!!! yes jus the 2 of us! time for some buddy loves~~ WOOOO~!!!MAI DONG XI CHI DONG XI!

have a sweet dream every one~!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I mean it !

When I say I love you, I really mean it.

When I say I miss you, I really mean it.

& when I say I want to spend my life with you, I really mean it too.

Yes, you. No one but you, Jasper Seet.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


see see n look look.
i end up buying.
wooo!! i finally got it!!! =DDD
im a happy girl!

im in paris again~!

hi ppl~ im in paris again=) i had a wonderful dinner at leon's restaurant ytd. stuffing myself silly with different kind of mussels and a free flow of french fries!! as usual, we dont expect much from the french servers but the one who served us was attentive and bother to rmb our request! *thumbs up*

so how about shopping in paris? im goin to take a stroll along champ elysee later and hopefully will be back to my room with my dream bag. i dun really need a chanel actually. although its on top of my must-get list but i need a bag tt is durable and big enuff to stuff all my barangs in. sounds like a neverfull eh? but its so common nowadays=( almost everyone is carrying it like it worth nothing.=( i need a sling bag. so a Noe sounds good? yea/nay? hahahah.. yeah man.. the one i had in mine ......epi leather Noe...wooo~!! a gd one to replace my prada ya?and every girl need a classic piece of speedy. mini lin speedy is damnnnn chiooooo! but still a trip to chanel is a must!!!mmm...i hope i wont burst my pocket like one of my colleagues who bought a belt from hermes that cos 1300 euro. yes... 1300 freaking euros!! now do the conversion yourself and you will hyperventilate like me! wtf!! *gasp gasp*

everytime i touch down overseas i will msg my dad.. hi daddy im in _________. and he will always reply me take care my dear=) ytd, he replied me, "no shop shop ok!" i replied him with a....

" i see see look look and buy buy ok??"


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

our 8th month=D


tickets to flyer!!!

this foto nv fail to make me luff! HAHA so greedy!

yummy steamboat!!!=D

everyday is a happy day for us. =) although sometime he makes me like ''wtf??" n angry HAHAH but he nv fail to make me luff and cheer me up=D
love u sweety!