Sunday, June 27, 2010

in the US of A

current location : San francisco

my tiredness was accumulated all the way since im back from last week. -.- it got worst when i touch down hongkong the other day. nwe sang ktv till 6am in the morning. we got in the place at night. got out the place when the sun rise. how cool! HAHA. tts why i love my lifestyle. once im off, its really my off. i dun haf to worry about work anymore. =D slept for a few hrs again and flew here.

flight was super tiring and working with spider make things worst. spider? ya kan chiong spider with a golden mouth lor. anything tt spider said, TING! it had to appear right in front sui sui prepare well . wtf? r we octopus!? 2 hands only ok.. no haf 8 hands hor...

watever lor. im gona go shopping with darling cass. im on a budget now. so.... I MUS CONTROL.

but on sales leh. how?=(

anyway boyfriend! i noe u r waiting for this! =)

im glad everything is goin well for you now and everything is goin back on track. continue to play well and u will get back to where u r soon! dun give up and keep rocking! every match is an opportunity!!

this pic nv fails to crack me up. hahaha so cute isnt it?? both of them disturbing me when im preparing for work. haiz, kids nowadays. HAHAHA

love u sweety=)

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