Saturday, June 19, 2010

im in paris again~!

hi ppl~ im in paris again=) i had a wonderful dinner at leon's restaurant ytd. stuffing myself silly with different kind of mussels and a free flow of french fries!! as usual, we dont expect much from the french servers but the one who served us was attentive and bother to rmb our request! *thumbs up*

so how about shopping in paris? im goin to take a stroll along champ elysee later and hopefully will be back to my room with my dream bag. i dun really need a chanel actually. although its on top of my must-get list but i need a bag tt is durable and big enuff to stuff all my barangs in. sounds like a neverfull eh? but its so common nowadays=( almost everyone is carrying it like it worth nothing.=( i need a sling bag. so a Noe sounds good? yea/nay? hahahah.. yeah man.. the one i had in mine ......epi leather Noe...wooo~!! a gd one to replace my prada ya?and every girl need a classic piece of speedy. mini lin speedy is damnnnn chiooooo! but still a trip to chanel is a must!!!mmm...i hope i wont burst my pocket like one of my colleagues who bought a belt from hermes that cos 1300 euro. yes... 1300 freaking euros!! now do the conversion yourself and you will hyperventilate like me! wtf!! *gasp gasp*

everytime i touch down overseas i will msg my dad.. hi daddy im in _________. and he will always reply me take care my dear=) ytd, he replied me, "no shop shop ok!" i replied him with a....

" i see see look look and buy buy ok??"


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