Monday, June 29, 2009


im off to taipei tml! =)

1 night only=(

back on thhurs night~! wee~

Sunday, June 28, 2009

H1N1 scare

i went for a workshop at my training centre last tuesday. theres a clinic there and we r entitled to get free flu jab, so i went ahead. when i got home, my mum prepared coc0nut drink, ling yong, dong gua soup to prevent me frm having a fever. LOL.. cos normally after a jab i will develop fever and the doctor oso mention tt fever or flu like sympton may dvlp within 10 days.

anyway i jus came back from shanghai flt on sat early morning. the flt was delayed 2 hrs plus in shanghai !! gosh. finally got home n ready to slp at 4am. god damn tired. thou it was jus a short trip but it was super fufiling! all thanks to my steady bom pipip partners, like edwin n eva!! touched down shanghai we bath n changed and off we go to food republic ( yes they haf it there) for teppanyaki! it was freaking gd !!the price was about the same as sg but the portion was definitely bigger!=) after tt me n eva decide to chiong the carrefour to stock up our cup noodle and milk tea. while the rest went off to chiong their dvds and massage! haha. btw, the cup noodle is alot more cheaper than sg. you noe those taiwan brand cup noodle like tong yi.. kang shi fu are freakin ex in sg.. but its freaking cheap there! haha.. and the japanese brand afternoon milk tea thats selling 4 sgd at the ridiculous jap shop in tamp 1 , cost about 1 dollar plus only..haha.. next day we met at 9.30 n chiong to qi pu lu for shoppin! rushed back in the noon for flt back to sg.

i got a pair of shoes, 6 pairs of earring, top for my mum, dad, ah ma and bf. hairclips for myself, hair rebond tongs for jas and selina. woo~ happy girl!!

but i came home feelin miserable. my whole body was aching like hell when i woke up but i stil went to bf's place to celebrate the mum bdae at tt time ,my temp is stil pretty normal. but after awhile i felt very tired n kept on slpin.. it was den tt bf realised im feelin v warm n got my body temp measured. 38.2. i went home, tk med and rest again. my fever went up to 38.6 later in the night. =( i tot h1n1 sia.. scare me.. den i rmb i ggot a flu jab earlier on.. and with dr ng( my mummy) constantly by my side, feeding me with fruits, water, ling yong, medicine, changing the ice pack.. i woke up feeling better and fever gone=)

body ache free, fever free=)

Monday, June 22, 2009


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starving liao stil can camwhore

bread stick

my water n nic's ginger ale