Sunday, June 21, 2009

Milan, DUOMO with buddy

spagetti with crayfish


the angmoh chap in the pic! LOl

mine is hazelnut ice cream!! yummy!!!!

camwhoring in ferragamo

proud buy of my buddy~

happy with her shopping lorrrrr hahahahaha

wow cute angmoh model!

see the nutella thing? its damn cute... one side is the nutella dip and biscuit, the other side is lemon tea! v nice! haha


complimentary by the pub restaurant=D

my meepok with squid and prawn Lol

buddy favourite mee kia with hum and white wine sauce LOL


complimentary free flow of shots. one with 32% of alcohol and taste lik oilment the other is lemonade shot with 28% of alcohol... wah SERENA WHY U NOT HERE!!! LOL we can bo ta bo lan pa together! Lol

complimentary marshmallow!! hahaha
more fotos of venice next entry=D

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