Thursday, June 11, 2009

chao ta-ed

ytd was mummy bdae!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY~!!!! MUACKS.. went to vivo to shop ard with niece n mummy! its her bdae but she bought me my 21st bdae present lol.. which is like 3 more mths away? so happy!!!! dinner with the family at harbour front dragon gate restaurant. stuff ourself silly with the alacarte buffet.. we had like 2 plate soft shell crab .. 3 plate of diff style steam fish.. 2 plate of pepper crab.. 1 plate of chilli crab.. 2 plate of roast duck n chicken.. shark fin soup.. few plates of different veg .. scallops.. oat prawn.. garlic prawn.. ALOT OK... alot more others LOl... eat til die... hahahah

and today i went vivoed again.. so its like 3 time in a week??? 1st is tt time jiewei bdae .. den mummy bdae den today sentosa!! =D

tann til super black.. frm 12 to 3.. OMG.. melt until canot melt..

IM SO TIRED NOW... n so pain .-.-

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