Friday, June 19, 2009

last dayyyy

meetin buddy jiewei was so sinful. we motivate each other to shop LOl. once we step into ferragamo, theres no turnin back.
she got 2 pairs of heels and a belt.
i got a pair of sunglass.
we r super stirrer to one another. LOL.the salesperson mus be damn happy with his commision now.

venice ytd i splurge on 2 wallets in prada-.- to be exaxt shld be 1.. i help my bro to get 1.. so im not splurgin haha.. haf to pay back! got another for bf=) advance bdae present!

so total damage dis trip
1prada bag
1prada wallet
1 gucci key pouch
1pair of ferragamo sunglass
1cardigan frm diesel


im glad tt i wil b flyin back tml. if not my card goin to burst hahaha

my buddy is beside me now. on my bed.oppssss.... kiss kiss!!

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