Wednesday, June 10, 2009

im fortunate

i think im really fortunate to haf great frens ard. whose always there for me. why dis sudden thought? haha i jus feel that we shld really treasure ppl ard us.. they may be away may be busy but they r always there when u need them, dont they?

my fjjlb of almost 3 yrs plus or more... =) from schling til now everyone working... still try our best to meet up n be there for one another.. crapping.. joking and hanging out..sharing sorrows and u guys!!


my new found gd frens of 1 year plus soon. esp my 3 babes, jiewei, serena and lili. im really really happy that i found such gd frens in the airline. always there for one another no matter which part of the world we are in. nv fail to buy goodies back for one another, updating each other but anything under the sun! sharing all the secrets, gossips and hot topics. hahaha every outing is filled with laughters NON STOP thru out the day...!!! cam whoring non stop like we r outstation!! we shld plan more outing more get together!!!=) and seriously cant wait for our holiday next yr!!!! btw jiewei say next yr july lets go tokyo!! summer sales!! WOO~!!! and not forgetting my dear cassy baby whose always there when i need her.. thou we seldom meet up for outing but we always update on msn=) i love u too bits as well!! weeee~!!! n i miss slpin and pigging out with u!!!!!!! hahahahahaha



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