Friday, June 11, 2010

I noe ur waiting for this!

to me i think my bf is one of the cutest guy in the world. before i know him, i thought his one of those act cool guy who dont talk much and always have alot of girls 'butterfly-ing' ard him. but after we got tgt, i realised his totally opposite. HAHAHHAHA

he does the sweetest thing in the world.

he specially bought mocha frappe for me when he picked me up for supper.
he make a big board of our fotos for me to hang on the wall.
he always write card for me on our special day.
he nv fails to buy card to call me when im overseas.
he always make the effort to bring me to eat nice food whenever im back.
he even knit ( yes he learnt it from his mum) a scarf for me, its almost done jus left our name not sew on it yet=)
he loves to bring me to new places and take nice fotos.
he even develop our fotos into 8r size and bought nice frames to frame it up=)
he will send me to work no matter how early or how late, without a single complain.=)
he will wait for my msg when i touch down and sometime when my flight delayed, i will recieve msg like, '' what happen baby? have u touched down? im worried.. " which nv fails to put a smile on my face cos i know he cares...

jus awhile ago, i was on the phone with him and i realised he actually pray for me to be safe everytime i go for flight. uber sweetness..=)))

everytime when i see him, i can feel the love from his eyes, the way he looks at me and the way he cares ,even the slightest bruise on my leg he will notice it. he pays attention to all the little details in our relationship that sometimes i feel bad for being away so long..=( but its because of this that i realised i love him more that i tot.. its his msges that i look forward every time i touch down in other countries, its his call im waiting everytime im overseas, and i look forward to come home everytime cos i know i will be able to see him and spend time with him..i know his the man that i wanna spend my life with.. i love you baby..=)

and i know your waiting for me to blog for you =)

* pssss.... he was on the phone jus now n he said,

" wah lao why u nv blog about me?! i waited so long can! everytime i refresh i kp seeing waiting at the gate waiting at the gate waiting at the gate.. NB... everytime i blog about u, u nv blog about me! sheng qi! "


yah... behind that cool face, his actually like a little boy, who loves to throw tantrum and act cute. HAHAHAH...

and behind that cool face, his actually like a naggy old aunty. when i go out till too late, he calls more than my mum calls! HAHA. n he will msg smth like,

" so late already, still dun go home? wat time goin back? who sending you? " *repeat like 3 times*



i still love you babyyyyyyy *run away*=D

ps: and today is my mummy's bdae!!!! wasnt able to spend the day with her cos im in london now. but still hope that my call made her day=) I love you Mummy!!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY=D hugssssss!!!!!

will be flying home tml!!=)

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