Wednesday, August 25, 2010

2 birthdays in a row~!

the 2 labbits!

i think bf makes a good tution teacher. he is so patient in guiding my niece thru the game. i was so patient that i jus spell it out for her. HAHAHA.

they are BFF now. n they love to gang up against me=( pooorr me!

but its ok. cos dragon girl bully little labbit everytime!

the next day, at tung lok restaurant. ecp branch. ALA CARTE buffet!!=D fully paid by your truly.. although its a lil ex but the quality of the food were good ! service thumbs up too!=)))

happy cristabel~!

the birthday boy eats till so shiok!

1 big family=)

current location : london

parcel recieved!

milk bottles-.- who else but pamela? LOl help her to collect this back to sg. she said its alot cheaper than buying in sg! =)

my loots.
my first time staying this hotel. so much convenient! cos westfield is jus opp n i can shop like mad!! gona go shop at west field again den back here to unload my loots den off to primark!!=)
so happy with my top from ALL SAINTS. its like 70% off! suppose to be 90 pound! now 27 pound!=D
and bf's bdae surprise more or less settled! im so happy. im glad theres things like internet! i can book all my stuff for him online and get everything done in my room. isnt it fantastic? =)
so when im back from this trip it will be bf's birthday~!=)
so many birthdays this month. daddy's, niece's n bf's! thou its a little taxing to my account and im so much poorer but im happy that they r happy!=)
love them to bits!=)

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