Saturday, August 21, 2010

im all ready!!

im in melbourne now and flying home shortly!=))) super excited to go home cos when i touch down later im goin for bbq chalet!!! super love bbq chalet! remind me of those good old ah lian days HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

today n tml will be my niece and dad's bdae, so we are celebrating together! omg.. i can hear those bbq sweet corns, chicken wings, otah, satay, sambal sotong and prawn calling for me!!! woohhoooo~!!!!!! and nt forgetting my boyfriend to be there vaccumming all the food. HAHAH=)

next weekend will be boyfriend's bdae!!! ive got 3 little presents for him in melbourne! and i hope i will be able to find more presents in london !=) boyfriend is more excited over my bdae than his own bdae. this boy is weird. =)im looking forward to his thou! i wan this bdae for him to be happy and memorable=)

im so excited to go home now!!!!!!!!! cant wait!! and the strong aroma of coffee im drinking now is perking me up as im typing this entry...=)

boyfriend I LOVE YOU=)

im really very bless to have you. im happy and contented with my life now.


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