Tuesday, April 28, 2009


been busying with stuff like family chalet, fortune telling outing with gfs, par tor with bf and la kopi-ed with my fjjlb. =D i think we r damn noisy at starfuck n really luff thru out the 2 hrs plus.


recently been having some eye problem.-.- not tt i becomin pa jiao but is i kena ba jiam.. I NV PEEP AT PPL BATH OK!!! i oso nv watch porn.. or maybe i did watch one of the gary ng's video tts why like tt. LOL.. nb... arghhhh.. its like tt stupid ba jiam on n off come n find me problem!!!! wth wth wth...

anyway i feel like changing my hairstyle.... i feel like rebonding my hair n cut my bangs... GOSH... but i tk a long time to finally get a whole head of ''natural'' hair. i mean those dyed hair..rebonded hair in the past all CUT AWAY LIAO.. so now i au natural~~ n i do love it but i always envy those girls with straight n silky hair!!!! duh..

i duno wat im talking la.. n its 3.30 am... -.- i kinda miss flying =x LOl...

anyway me , ali and xiaoling really had an eye-opening session with the fortune teller, reika soh. all i can say is 3 of us were O.O, the moment she starts saying about us. lol.. and anyone got anymore v zhun zhun fortune teller to intro???!!! TAG ME PLS!!

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