Tuesday, April 14, 2009

qi yu wu!!!

omg omg omg!!

i noe i look freaking off here!! butttttttttt.... his so handsome!!!!

his on my flight back from guangzhou to singapore. it was a turn ard flight for us, meaning we fly there and back on the same day. woke up at 3.30 am to prepare make up n hair n breakfast den head off for reporting at 6.20. gosh n it was full load for both sector!!!! i was working as a steward-.- tough jjob=( but my chief and crews were super helpful la! thanks to them.. it makes my day when i saw qi yu wu walking towards my aircraft door when i was doing boarding! im literally stunned n my heart beating so fast!!! WAHAHAH.. super tall n handsome laaaaaaaa...

all i can say is his super freindly but quiet.. wahaha n my chief is so nice!! seeing me so gaga over him.. he went up n ask him if he can tk a pic with us!! he readily agreed and came to our galley.. n when he took off his sunglasses... *bbRzzZZzzZ--electric sound* wah high voltage can!! LOl he made my day~!!!

omgomgomg... im still gaga-ing over him *wide gRRRrrin* =D

new roster out~ 2 long flight~ say hi to manchester...! say hi to london's airport only~ LOl.. and dubai ..moscow.. i wanna go red square in moscow~! n hong kong nightstop for the red dates hashima and cha chan teng!!!=D

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