Monday, April 6, 2009


with deviana on the train to sweden

at the harbour of sweden

webcam whoring hahahah

it was a disappointing trip to sweden.most shops and attractions were not open on sunday=(the place seems so dead n lifeless. but at least we get to have a sumptous meal at one of the restaurant. but no luck trying their swedish meatball. bahhh... lucky the companion was great and we r gd at self entertaining. haha 6 of us gossiping n telling ghost stories.LOl. luffing like a mad woman on stupid jokes.
another clear day today but i decide to stay in.too lazy to walk, too lazy to shop. jus feel like snuggling in the bed, watch tv, surf the net,msn,read mag, do mask and stuff myself sillly with junkfood. sometime i treasure time like dis, with no ppl disturbing you, no nagging from mum to tidy my rm HAHA, free aircon whole day, dirty the place oso nvmm.. =D do watever u wan and watever u like...
mmm...kind of satisfy with my life now..
sometime having time life dis makes me reflect.been a yr in the airline and i can say i hav no regret.i get to see what i wan to see, go to places that i nv tot i wil go *come on who the hell wil go pakistan, abu dahbi and ssouth africa??* ,eat diff cusine,experience different culture and of course our crew culture that got me shock when i first step in the training centre. HAHA. getting more n more independent financially n physically. able to get things i tot i wil nv b able to afford and stil able to save up... the next thing i wann get wil be a degree...saving up to study=)
flying back tml!

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