Monday, February 9, 2009


fly off to shanghai on sat night. reached there ard 8. had 2 hrs of slp n go chiong shopping all the way till 8pm. wake up at 3am prepare for flight. reach sin ard 2pm today.

wah shagged.

not enuff slp ar... !! but i got alot of loots back ! HAHAHAHHAHHA

chiong the supermarket at night. i look their cup noodles. super lot of variety and they are not stingy with ingredients! the milk tea is my favourite!!! wahaha and some snacks for my daddy to go with his beer~!

my victories in the day~! hello kitty stuff of cos not for me la.. lao chio no nid hello kitty HAHAHA super love the leopard print flats!
oh ya if ur wondering wats the big red board behind.. here it is after assembling~!

9 small compartments

4 big compartments

at a cheap cheap price of less than 4sgd~!

hair accessories loots~! and 2 boxes of 10 pairs lashes each. very cheap! WOW...
* play shopping king and queen music* ~ wo shi shen qian wang~~~~ LOL

saw the pink stick beside the shoes? its a hair rebonding kiap kiap.. HAHA.. small and gd. perfect for travelling and rebonding fringe!

when i got home.. this is in my room! WOW~!
i gave my mum 100 bucks ask her help me buy some cheapo bird nest.. in the end she got dis and top up another 200 bucks for me! hahaha yeah.. nice nice skin like fann wong liaoo... but dis brand is endorse by david gan.. =D

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