Wednesday, February 4, 2009


working non stop all the way from copenhagen to singapore for 12 hrs straight is no joke. i woke up early and prepare all add up shld be 17 hrs . my gdness. plus a series of incident that happened to me onboard is enough to drain me out. duno is to laugh or cry.. i only know bird was luffing at me when im chargin towards her on the aisle with a silver tray covering myself. gdness... jaw-drop..

ok i now u guys dun understand what im saying but its ok.

i was greeted with a DENTED cargo bag at the arrival hall. -.- which was less than 1 year old. but its ok.. i repaired it at home LOl. im wonder woman.

the only thing to be contented was when im showing off all my happy shopping loots to my mum. lol. shes amazed at how much i can shop each time im back overseas .. when i reached my room im greeted with a new 4-drawers cupboard with my clothes all neatly fold and categorized..

drawer 1 .. new tops and all the shawls and scarves
drawer2.. all my loong sleeves top that i had
drawer 3 .. cardigans and some top i seldom wear
drawer 4.. all my sanitary pad and some ba long long stuff lol

open up my wardrobes. all my dresses neeatly hang up.. bags nicely placed

open up another cupboard of drawers .. all my clothes prettily placed=D

WONDER MUMMY!!! hahahaha

i rmb before i leave for copenhagen my wardrobe was in a near state of bursting.. my drawers were all messy.. and im in a state of denial ,thinkin that its all neat n tidy ,completely ignoring it and stuffing it with clothes and bags...too lazy to tidy it up..

now everything is neat and tidy~! more spaces in my wardrobes and means i can shop more! WAHAHAHAH=)

and my dear mummy even went to buy hashima for me! shes goin to brew bird nest and hashima tml. weee~~~=D

i love mummy~!!!!!muacksssss=)


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