Wednesday, February 18, 2009


been busying dis few days~~

melbourne with li ling=)

and jasmine!

i think we got alot to crap about hahaha

went for dinner at sze chuan court with my parents


dear daddy!!!

all i can say about the food is SUCKS AND EXPENSIVE LOL. it cost about 164..luckily we got 12osgd voucher. LOl.. oh n i will nv step into dis restaurant again.

i injured myself at cine foodcourt=(

its freakin painful and the blood jus cant seems to stop was during office lunch hour so we attracted alot of attention and they r even nice OL passin us plaster. i was in so much pain tt im feelin giddy n breakin out in cold sweat.. my poor bf oso kan chiong cos the blood cant stop lol.. and some kind soul alerted the security officer who bring along a first aid kit..


dear bb=)

meet up with my birdies for dinner at tanjong pagar~=)

no grp foto to be posted! due to pregnancy tummy showing after eating. LOl

how can dun haf zi lian foto rite..
so i had been spending my day to the fullest~! HAHAHAHA
n new roster out~!
turn turn turn
aalv and rx99--- 6 str days relax no work~ I WAN HOR-LI-LEH
wat else perth again.. n bombay. LOl.. but its time i save abit. im goin to hibernate there..!! ROAR
oh n say hi to effiel towel . bonjour ~ im goin paris=) * order for LV FULL* lol
but im goin to get 1 thing for myself only. jus 1. lol. my 21 bdae present for myself. a jumbo classic flap in caviar. frm the famous Cs.
omg roarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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