Friday, February 13, 2009

back from mel

im back from mel dis mornin. im so tired n drained out. overnight flight is really killing me. gdness...and having to work as a b2 is even worst. lucky ive got alot nice crews who help me out=D

everyone should noe about the fire in aussie rite but melbourne was exceptionally cold. i only brought a skirt n a tank top. my god and its 15 deg! lol. im brave~ din shop much thou.. the hotel was so comfy n nice muahah..

through out the flight the only thing that motivate me is AALV LOR! haha annual leave til 21st~! and vday off! woohoo~~~~ my days are packed!

im goin

dentist to whiten teeth~
renew passport~
shoppin with mum~
meet up with frens~

im goin to make my days in sin to full use!!!!!!!!!!!!!


oh n after my leave im goin cairo! EGYPT! weee~~!!!!


happy v day to everyone~!


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