Friday, August 14, 2009

baby's 24th bdae=)

i woke up at 445pm today.. woo.. str 16 hrs of slp.. shiok! got a shock when i wake up too.. so late liao! HAHAHHA

activated for my standby tml.. wil be flying off to brisbane.. wil be my first time flyin A330.. hope it wil be a great one! WOOSH!

im so freaking lazy to pack my bag...later la.. post fotos first!

its the old man 24th birthday!!=D

a surprise when the clock strike 12!

hope ur wish come true dar dar!

red red face due to the wala session with the ladies before the surprise! hahahah oppsss

dinner at seafood paradise=D

this is his favourtie!

lychess mojito. sucks leh

i caught dis bear!!!! so cute!!!!=D

at the marina barrage


i like dis!


messy=seXy LOL




we jump like mad lor.. lucky not much ppl ard hahaha.. after all the jumping shots .. we feel tt we had lost like 2 kg! HAHAHAHAH damn fuuny

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

i also have the same dress!
from supre! wahahahaha!