Wednesday, August 26, 2009

lousy blogger

only manage to post dis few. blogger cant post anymore. smth wrong boo.

alacarte buffet =D

jus got back from brisbane ytd and tml i wil fly off to dubai and be back on monday.

after tt i will have my 3 days off which i got to attend my first lesson for bridging modules , then head to nanjing for 5 days and i will have my annual leave again!! for my bdae!!! WOO~

=) my 21st bdae!!!! no chalet, no major big celebrations, 3 days of celebration!! divided into besties n bf ( the fjjlb n close ones + bf), the besties crews at marina mandarin hotel +dbl o crazy night out , and finally the ''formal'' celebrations at grandma's place with family n relatives. =D


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