Friday, August 28, 2009

mymeals in dubai=D

my cp prawn wanton soup! add in tao gay *bean sprout* n meat ball! dear mum helped my packed in taogay n meatball oso lor!! woo! n thats my dinner after touched down=D

n today!!

i finally dragged myself to the gym n run for 30 mins on the threadmill!! old liao n too long nv sexercise exercise wah pant like a dog after tt. but i feel gd to sweat it all out!!!=D

preparing my lunch!

fusilli pasta!

tomato n mushroom sauce with cheese suasage. i decide to jus dump in those suasages instead of pan frying them. if i pan fried them .. wah lau my room will be sibeh chao n i think i wil set off the fire alarm LOL.

my yummy lunch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=D i cooked more so i can have it for dinner as welll..wahahahhaha

healthy food!!!=D
anyway the weather here is insane. 40deg.wah lau.. go out less than 5 min the bra soak in sweat liao. tsk tsk.dis type of sweating me no like. HAHA. n i decide not to go dubai mall! I DUN WAN SPEND MONEY!!! yeah. im goin to spend in nanjng! do cheap cheap manicure pedicure shopping n sightsee. make full use of my 3 clear day!
alright . im goin to go bath,do my hand n foot mask, watch tv n nua in bed. =D tml goin to do a turn to riyah and back to dubai again.

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