Tuesday, August 18, 2009

sibeh sian

omg im sibeh sian now.

off days + annual leave song bo...

first day only already sian daooooooo... -.-

i feel like goin shopping n do my nails leh but im so freaking lazy to go bath go make up change n go out...

i feel like goin to gym but im so sian to go bath go change n go out....

i feel like goin to slp but im so lazy to stand up walk to my bed n lie down... LOL


butt stick to the chair like superglue leh how=(

ive got craving for so many things leh... crave for milk tea.. crave for a beer.. crave for a smoke... how?

lazy pig

yawnnnn ... k i think i wil jus stand up.. shun bian tk control.. walk to bed. ... lie down n watch tv..



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