Saturday, August 8, 2009

my saturday

slept for a gd 15 hrs n wake up in the noon .. =D head off to my grandma place for my grandpa's death anniversary. its been a long while i last saw my ah ma and she told my mum tt she will be wearing the top i bought for her mus tk foto!!

my grandma!=)

headed off to town in the late evenin for dinner with bf!

hk cafe-ed

bb decided to get me an advance bdae present..

its a present tt i always wanted !!! other than the bag.. LOL

love u bb!!!=) thank u!!!!

doing a manila turn tml. =( its national day n ive got the actual day ticket n i cant go!! ROARRRRRRRRRRRRR

anyway.. HAPPY NATIONAL DAY! in advance=)

my korea buy!!!!

this is the free gift!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like 12 pces of masks... many many sachets of bb cream, mosituriser, cleanser, sun block, make up base.. n small bottles of toner, moisturisers blah blah blah

this is my buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

looks ok rite.. but ar the 3 packets of mask in the top middle.. is in packet of there are like 30 mask! o.o

* note : only the 8 pink bottle nail removers n the 1 tube of facial watch in the middle n a small sq box of blusher is mine. the rest is MY DAD, MY MUM, MY AH MA, MY MUM, AND MY BATCH GIRLS ORDERS...


All together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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