Thursday, February 4, 2010


I'm in jo'burg nw and it's driving me crazy. My laptop broke down once again -.- luckily I've gt my iPhone if nt I will be bored to death. With proj n assignment comin in, it's time I get a new laptop:)

This trip I feel like I'm the loneliest girl. 2 Korean stewardess so they r tgt most of the time. The other 2 girls, 1 is couple code with the steward hubby , another girl the bf is the steward oso-.- so left me alone lorrrrrrrrrrrr. Sian

N I still gt another 4 days to go-.- yawnsss worst ting is its super dangerous to go out alone here. The ppl here are armed and the rape case n Robbery case are super high.. I so pretty somemore lagi more dangerous lollllll.... tink I will go walk ard the hotel alone.. Go gym or go spa..

Haizzzzz damn bored leh!!!!

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