Friday, February 12, 2010

its a mushroom day=)

its a mushroom day ytd! all thanks to my trainer , we finished our course damn early !=D so bf brought me to mushroom farm and cook mushroom meal for me! HAHA.

too hungry la..

everytime we drive past the tree, bf nv failed to say.. wah the tree damn nice la mus tk foto.

and ytd weather was fantastic! so we decide to tk pic!=D

it looksss..... but it taste great!! and filled with love somemore lorr... haha.
bf cook lehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *pissss no lau sai today! heng arrr...*

damn cute la! HAHAHAHAHa =D
so the whole of ytd all bf did was..
early morning fetch me to office, pick me up from office, go mushroom farm, go home cook,
send me to sch, pick me up from sch, go makan and sent me home...=)
feel really pampered and taken care of. thank you for making me feel like a princess. jus wanna let you know no matter whats your decision i will be by ur side... going thru all the thick n thin, sharing ur happiness and sorrow together. lets work hard tgt babey~=D
im leaving for hong kong soon! and when im back tml, mummy will be preparing steamboat for reunion dinner! woo~! every yr im looking forward to cny eve! all the nice food yum yum yummmmm...happy to the max! and ive got carbernet sauvignon, shiraz, sauvignon blanc all ready for the night=) red wine is daddy's fav and white wine is my favouriteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!best for steamboatie ho ho ho... and every yr after steamboatie i will head off for fireworks.. mm.. shld i go this yr? muahahahha...
think the cny moon is alot more than v day mood eh! LOl. i feel so cheena new yr now!

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