Wednesday, February 17, 2010

1 day away from home

this perth flight was my best flight ever for this yr. everyone was so nice so fun and so entertaining lol. capt and chief gave everyone ang bao! and we even lau yu sheng onboard! so homely feel laaaa~~~=D everyone laughed and smiled from preflight session all the way till back singapore. isnt it great? =)

but jus 1 day away from singapore, so many things happened at home. well, its not tt i dun care . i jus dont want to get involved ,i really hate to quarrel and get in heated arguments. like what i always say, when 2 ppl are hot tempered and in foul mood, arguments will arise. and arguments often arise when theres miscommunication. all you need to do is to keep your cool, stay away and reflect. dun talk when ur angry because nothing good will come out from your mouth and your brain dont work. talk and resolve the matter later when you feel better. instead of solving the matter, you lose ur cool, hit ur head against the wall, scream your lungs out, in the end the problem not solved and both ppl end up feeling even shittier and upset. the most stupid thing is, they quarrel over stupid things. omg. CHILDISH LEH.

i used to be damn hot tempered but now, ive got ULTRA HIGH tolerance level. LOl. no matter how pissed, how angry i am, i will contain my anger, isolate myself and cool it down. highest level already. hahahahahahahahhaha

ok anyway, i jus hope things get better la ar. look at the bright side man...

its goin to be the 6th yr your gone and i still will like to say i miss you. i never forget about you,never forget the days we spent playing tgt, the secrets we shared, the playground we went, the presents we got.. i always think how we will be like if your still around, will we be flying together or you will become the top hair dresser/make up artist, will we be shopping tgt and checking out the hottest IT bag in town.. i know your in gd hands now and looking after everyone.. seeing kelphina tt day reminds me of you, she got the same big eyes and beautiful smile like you..
i miss you jie..

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