Thursday, February 25, 2010

my loveeee~~

few days back~ =)

and today!!!!

we he cycled all the way to ponggol plaza for dinner! haha its like those days where ah beng will ''long-pang'' ah lian on bicycle. den the ah lian will stand behind then mus hold one cup of bubble tea. LOl. on our way back we really bought bubble tea somemore lor! hahahaha! im like enjoying the cold breeze n drinking bubble tea while my bf sweat like hell going up the slope..HAHAHAH... opps=D
i love my bf!!! because...
he likes to anyhow park his car
he likes to drive anywhere everywhere like machiam he own the road!
he likes to anyhow throw rubbish * and so do i~*
he likes to yawn and talk at the same time and end up duno talk wat rubbish
he dun like to admit that he snore super loud!
he ''parrot'' when he wakes up
he eats chilli like nobody business=D
he loves chicken feet!
he loves to talk nonsense..
he plays with his zip when we talk on the phone *i mean his bag's zip hahaha*
he eats alot of junk food! choc gummies chips sweets and lots of soft drinks
his a potato but recently he end up like an ah tiong all because of me!=xxx
he starts to tidy his hair..touch his face when i tk out my camera..
his a super vain pot and a jealous pot too. HHAHA opps
he loves to give me small surprises and bring me to nice places..
we always end up saying same thing same word same sentence. today we end up singing same thing and same action. hur? lol
we always noe wats the next action we gona do...
we like to on n off the phone to check for sms..
we wake up half way to check our hp for each others sms.. theres once he called me n started to parrot and next day when i asked him, he cant rmb much. its seems that he called me when his slping LOL. hur?
we live in our own world and dun care about what other think..=)
we can stay home the whole day and still feel happy ~
i love the way he looks into my eyes, it makes me feel that im the only one and a special one =)
i love the way he hugs me, it gives me the assurance that he will always be there when i need him=)
i love the way he uses his fingers to comb thru my hair, it makes me feel like a little girl, his little girl=)
i love the way he smiles at me, it melts my heart and warm up my soul=)
i love i love i love everything about him ...
thank you for making me smile...=)
JASPER SEET! STOP SMILING AT YOURSELF NOW WHEN U R READING THIS! hahaha.. =) i noe you stalk my blog everyday and this is specially for you sweety~! 3 yrs baby..we will go thru everything tgt i love youuuuuuuu...

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