Thursday, October 30, 2008

an unexpected off!

i was supposed to be on standby but i was released from standby and so its my off day~!

visited bf in the early morning. its fun pullin him out of bed, super poke him and watch his sleepy face grouching at my screeching voice screaming WAKE UPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!! hahahahaha... =D i love tourturing him..

so we spent the morning lazing ard and hit town in the noon. we even witness a fight in far east. a guy punched a girl in her face! like WTF. so being a singaporean, we join in the crowd and stood there watch the free show. lol =x as usual we had our all time fav food... n tts the chirpy cheese suasage with mash potato.. bubble milk tea and fries n fried chicky strip from the shop nxt to chirpy! yummy~!=D love love!

watched HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3.. mm.. not too bad i mus say but yah smth like 12 lian hua. lots of singing.. but i prefer 12 lotus more. haha. im a lao lian rmb? yeah

din shop much thou.. kinda poor nowadays=x but i got a real gd deal from mooks! bought a knitted top at 70% off. originaly shld be 120+ but its 38 now! woo~

alrite... its pass 12 am now n im on standby again .. haha ..


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