Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy 1 year anniversary!

its been a yr together!!!  i think fate really brings us tgt. we know each other thru friendster few yrs ago, and we both had each other on msn but we seldom chat. there was even once i deleted him on msn cos we din chat at all! *i think he din know =x* but occasionally i will chk out his fb account. LOl. it was until last yr, he started to chat with me and i start to recall whos this guy. HAHAHA.

i was unhappy during that period of times,getting upset and emo often. Chatting with him somehow brightens up my day, even if its jus talking nonsence or him updating me about his new photography work. soon, we start to chat everyday, i look forward to c him online and i will always wait for him on msn. being a very '' face'' concious girl, i wont initiate a conversation with him, so everytime when i see him online and still haven nudge or msn me, i will start to appear online n offline, so that msn will notify him. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. * damn jian i noe* LOL. but it works everytime! HAHAHAHAHAHA.

somehow somewhere, we starts sms-ing one another. jus a simple hello or how are you can make me smile like an idiot even when i had a bad day. =) each time my hp ring, i will hope its from him. =) and slowly i starts to fall for him. all we jus do was msn, sms. no chat on the phone n no meet up. i still rmb our first date after i was single, he brought me out for dinner and movie. i was very shy and i feel awkward. during the dinner, we had the worst food to eat on a date --- chicken wings. i struggled with forks n knife!! * thinking in my heart-- NB USE HAND EASIER BUT IMAGE IMAGE! * hahaha...and  even though the movie was a lil slow and boring, we enjoyed each others company. enjoy until next day i fail my business law. i  still rmb the movie was 100 days in summer lor! LOL 

fast forward abit, how he hold my hands? * this is damn funny*

i rmb i jus got back from a 6 days abu dahbi- jeddah flight, i met some "thing" in the room and was feeling super worried and uneasy. so we went to loyang temple after dinner.=) we walk ard the whole temple praying tgt, me praying for safe flights ,gd health and pray for him too, while him praying for his soccer match his having the nxt day. each time i finished praying, i will peep at him. he looked so serious, praying with both eyes closed. pray for damn long somemore. LOL. and i cant stop myself to ask him, EH U PRAY IN ENGLISH OR CHINESE? * his jiak kan tang btw*  and he replied,

EH, chinese. i translate to english when i duno how to say . * silly smile*

HAHAHAHAHA no wonder tk so long!!!

so long story short, while we were walking towards the car....

me: omg my hand so dusty and dirty
him: * lookin at his own hand* really meh? i see * grab my hands*

and thats how he hold my hand........

in my heart im like, OMG!!!! *JAW DROP* HEART BEAT DAMN FAST*

n when we got in the car, how he continue to hold my hand???

*drum roll*


jitao in my heart im like    -.-""


but was still feeling damn happy .. HAHAH

so thats how we got tgt...

and 1 year later,

everytime we got in the car, i will.. EH TEACH ME CHANGE GEAR LEH...

and now no more fork n knife with chicken wings laa.... use fingers! *lick fingers* HAHA.  still can burp in his face after that! LOL shiok max! HAHAHAH

each time i think back, i will laugh to myself and still feel super happy and sweet. =) although we do have our occasional pms moments, throwing tantrums, raising voice, getting jealous etc, but we always talk things thru and nv fail to shower each other with hugs n kisses after that=) i guess its that which makes us stronger and closer.

i love you my baby, and will continue to love you till the end of time=)

happy 1 year anniversary!!!<3

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