Monday, October 4, 2010

in milan

im in milan now but dont envy me. im not on a holiday. im here for work and the weather sucks. i hibernate in my room since touched down. all i do was eat slp online watch hk drama. nothing fantastic. i just had a super lousy breakfast buffet and cancelled my shopping trip cos of the rain. so yes, im goin to eat slp watch hk drama again. the next thing i know, will be me checking out n fly back singapore. WHICH, i seriously cant wait.

im giving up on blogspot and switching over to livejournal.  they kept refusing my photos upload and ask me to purchase their storage space. wtf? * side track abit, heng ar i nv go out, raining FUCKING heavy now* so for this period of time i might not blog as often and of cos, no pictures. i will post up my new blog add once ive got time to do it.=) and so ppl, i will update more often in fb and twitter. =D so readers~ add me in fb!!!!!! or follow me on twitter!

( drop me a msg n i will approve ya.. cos i dun add strangers!)=)
twitter- littlekutu ( dun luff at my name.. my bf loves it. HAHA. drop me a msg too n i will approve)

so c u soon ppl~!

* and before mr seet starts his daily pms moment and complainin moment, heres a big I MISS YOU=) *wahahahahahahahhaah HIS SO GOIN TO KILL MEEEEEEEEEEEE.............. * run away*

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