Wednesday, September 29, 2010

thru his lens =)

manage to upload a few from his album and again SERVER REJECTED some of the photos. ahhh... FML.

the old lady begging on the street=(
sometime i feel sad to see them begging or working. they shld be enjoying life and love from family at this age=( so the next time when u see the elderly *old enuff to even be ur grandparents* cleaning up ur table at the food court, have some manners and say thank you.

the elephant ride was fantastic! HAHAHA the notti elephant even grab bf's birdkenstock with his trunk!

the bouquet covered half of my body~! * meaning im slimn small enuff to be covered up lor HAHAAH*


we met fast n furious tuk tuk, who can go against the traffic flow and reached our hotel within minutes.
we met tuk tuk who is out to con our money and treat us like carrot.
we also met tuk tuk who is helpful and sincere which makes out trip even more memorable=)

wah bf so fit! HAHAHHAHAAH *puke*


more up when one day they decide to stop showing me SERVER REJECT.=) LOl
off for a short flight. be back later=)

i miss you, i miss home. i know im home only when your arms are around my shoulder.

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