Thursday, September 16, 2010

im back from my holiday!

im back from my 5d4n bangkok trip. duno why but blogspot jus refuse to let me upload fotos. but i promise to post them up soon=)

its an amazing trip with my love one, to be able to spend quality time and explore different places with him. all the effort he put into the surprises really touches my heart and he even got my bestie to made a bdae card for me! thats the most valuable present i ever got cos i really nv expect it. thanks baby=)

theres a chinese saying that says, xiang jian rong yi xiang chu nan, meaning its easy to get along when you meet up but difficult to get along when you are staying tgt. well, this 5 days, wake up see him, sleep see him, go toilet oso see him!!! but still, i enjoy it=) thou he has habit of leaving things lieing ard, use toilet nv flush, love to dig his nose .. ewww disgusting i noe.. but i find it cute leh! HAHAHA. and although sometime he will pms and get angry when i spent too long in a shop, or complain that i buy same item but with all the diff colours.. i still love him!=) cos he will carry all my shopping bags!! HAHAHAHA

and he will hug me to slp, buy nice food for me to eat, take nice photos of me and also we forgive n forget=)

im missing him now=(

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