Sunday, September 5, 2010

the big boy's bdae special=)

an impromptu decision to go on 'hiking' on his bdae eve, we jus wanted to walk the dog but end up hiking up the 'mountain' to the tree top walk. me and the dogs almost gave up half way thru, but still the effort was all worth it when we made it up there! woo~!



and my bf suddenly pop out a card out of no where=)))) and the card was soaking in his butt's sweat. HAHAHAHAH

we got home, bath and changed and off we went for our italian dinner~!


im glad the boy enjoyed the meal. the pizza was spicy and filled with juicy mushrooms!!! and his pasta was super flavourful and yummy!

mine was a little bland but stil good=)

we crashed a party after the dinner~!

m studio

we were quite fascinated by the mirror HAHA

drink drink~!


as usual la, ppl busy dancing , drinking, talking, but both of us? busy in our own world taking fotos. HAHAHA

mr colemannnnn


<3 my lobster bf~!

the next morning, i prepared his bdae mee sua with red eggs~! ok i noe it looks like shit but it taste good ok!

hahahah .. ya its normal...

gold class movie!!!! the expandables!


and the surprise bbq thats not so surprise! HAHAHA he managed to find out =(


so that sums up my bf's bdae! baby i hope u enjoy urself~!!!=D
and now we r looking forward to our bangkok trip!!! flying off to paris tonight and when im back, we will be ready for our bangkok trip! WOO~!!!!=D
so excited!!!=)
everything seems so wonderful with you around... love you my sweetheart!!!! ur happy meal makes me love you even moremoremore~!! and im craving for moremoremore~!=D

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