Friday, September 24, 2010

To the best hubby in the world=)

this is one of our favourite photos during our trip=)

each time i step into the airport, it reminds me of our holiday trip.
each time i got into my hotel room, it reminds us spending our time in the room.
each time i saw the ring on my finger, it reminds me of you =)

its gona be a damn long week ahead of us due to my hectic flying schedule, but i do want you to know that you will always be on my mind=)

my poor mr seet has been suffering from toothache since we got back from our bangkok trip. poor him. too much sweets and junk food!! HAHA. guai lan ppl always will kena this kind of stuff. still rmb i commented something like he loves to dig his nose in front of me, and i still find it cute * roll eye*? his been doing that EVERYTIME ever since that blog post. his reason? " AIyah.. u say cute ma! now i no need worry that u will find it disgusting. can do it openly liao..."  W T F? hahahah... now i not only got to see him dig nose.. i got to see him dig his mouth somemore...

HAHAHAHAH!!!!! his been doing that the whole evening lor! cos he had some jackfruits in far east and it got stuck in his tooth. so he kept digging non stop! and mr jack still refuse to come out. LOL. caught in action while his digging ALONG ORCHARD ROAD. OMG.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.
i hope you still love me! LOL

see you in a while baby! his sending me to work. at like 530am in the morning-.- so early! he got to travel from thomson to bedok reservoir to airport and back to thomson. HAHA. thank you baby!! i prepared ai xin breakfast for you already!=D loves~!

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